The Company's long-term strategy is to gain exposure to uranium prices by owning and managing a portfolio of geographically diversified uranium interests, including uranium royalties and streams, debt and equity investments in uranium companies and holding physical uranium from time to time. In executing this strategy, the Company seeks interests that provide it direct exposure to uranium prices, without the direct operating costs and concentrated risks that are associated with the exploration, development and mining of uranium projects.

In addition to its existing portfolio of royalties and its strategic partnership with Yellow Cake, the Company's primary focus is to identify, evaluate and acquire the following:

  • royalties in uranium projects, pursuant to which the Company would receive payments from operators of uranium mines based on production and/or sales of uranium products;
  • uranium streams, pursuant to which the Company would make an upfront payment to a project owner or operator in exchange for long-term rights to purchase a fixed percentage of future uranium production
  • off-take or other agreements, pursuant to which the Company would enter into long-term purchase agreements or options to acquire physical uranium products; and
  • direct strategic equity or debt investments in companies engaged in the exploration, development and/or production of uranium.

Such interests may be acquired by the Company directly from the owner or operator of a project or indirectly from third party holders. The Company may also seek to acquire direct joint venture or other interests in existing uranium projects, where such interests would provide the Company with exposure to a project as a non-operator or where the Company believes there is potential to convert such interests into royalties, streams or similar interests. In evaluating potential transactions, the Company utilizes a disciplined approach to manage its fiscal profile.