The First and Only Pure Play Uranium Royalty Company

The Company believes that it is the first and only company to focus solely on acquiring uranium royalties, streams and other uranium interests. The Company believes that such focus gives it an advantage in seeking additional interests by providing it with increased visibility and recognition amongst potential counterparties. Additionally, the Company's management has the advantage of focusing solely on growth, as it is not responsible for day-to-day project operations or development decisions respecting the projects underlying its interests.

Experience and Expertise

The Company's directors and management have extensive experience in the uranium and nuclear energy sectors, including critical experience in mine finance, project identification and evaluation, mine development and uranium sales and trading with leading companies and institutions in the uranium and nuclear energy industries. The Company seeks to leverage the experience and network of such individuals to identify, finance and execute acquisitions in furtherance of its long-term strategy.

Proprietary Project Database

The Company has developed a proprietary database consisting of over two thousand uranium projects globally, which includes data on uranium exploration, development and production stage projects. This database, which leverages the collective knowledge and experience of the Board and Management, positions the Company to efficiently identify and evaluate potential transaction opportunities.

Broad Geographic and Counterparty Diversification

The Company's existing royalty portfolio is located in multiple mining friendly jurisdictions, giving the Company exposure to diverse uranium markets, while reducing country specific risks relating to permitting, operations and other factors. At the same time, such royalty interests involve a range of counterparties, reducing the Company's reliance on any single operator or project.

Lean Operating Structure

The Company's relatively lean operating structure allows it to quickly assess whether a particular acquisition or investment opportunity meets its strategic requirements and respond promptly to all suitable business opportunities. The Company carefully selects the opportunities it investigates and does not move forward unless it has a high level of confidence that such opportunity fits within its objectives and long-term strategy.